Fear, Life and Writing

I didn’t know when I decided to take a couple weeks off for the holidays that it would lead to a 3-month absence from this blog and my daily writing practice.

The funny thing about that is that life has, overall, been pretty good. I’m getting back on track – I’m back at work (as a tax preparer of all things) and that’s good because after my back injury, it was questionable if I would ever work again. I’m preparing for a major life change in the form of a move to Homer, Alaska (the first big thing I’ve done in a few…err…10 years).

It’s true I have a lot on my mind. But that’s no excuse. Why haven’t I been writing?


It doesn’t really make sense. When my life fell apart, I kept writing. I wrote when my fiancé and I split up. I wrote every day after my back injury, even when I was in too much pain to do anything else. Why, now that I’m getting my shit together, am I afraid?

I’m afraid because I am finally getting my shit together.

I’m afraid that this writing thing might actually work out, and maybe even pay off in the long run. And if it does, then what do I do?

You don’t have to answer that, because I do know the answer. No matter what the question, the answer is the same: keep writing. I seem to have lost track of that lately.