The Point of this Blog

Like with everything, there’s something for me and something for you in this blog. I decided to start this blog so I have to think of myself as a writer. I’m not a teacher, coach or agent – I’m just a writer who is trying to make her stories the best they can be. My strategies for that are simple: I write a lot and I read every novel, poem, biography/memoir, and nonfiction book that I can get my hands on. And I make it a point to acquire and work my way through every craft and technique book that seems even remotely interesting or helpful.

I am trying to work out a schedule of when I will post specific content. This blog will eventually become a variety pack of all things writerly including stories about my own projects, book and product reviews, and the hints and tips that have helped me with my own writing. I also collect inspirational quotes and will post those as often as possible.

I plan to keep this blog as positive as possible. There are plenty of trolls out there who like to rip us to shreds because they don’t like us or our work. Sometimes it’s just because the troll had a bad day. As writers, I think it’s important to support each other. That being said, if I read your manuscript and something honestly isn’t working, I’m going to tell you so. However, I can do that in a way that doesn’t pulverize your entire sense of self-worth. It still hurts – no one likes hearing that they need to do STILL MORE WORK on their manuscript. I believe we can disagree without being disagreeable. And yes, I will read your manuscript. Contact me.


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