Writing, Offline

It’s hard to believe how long I have been missing in action from a blog that I love as much as this one. The fact is, not only was this the best blog I’ve ever had (number four!) but I had the best subject matter (seriously – it’s hard to name anything I like writing about more than, well, writing) and obviously, I had the best readers ever, namely, you guys!

Thank you for everything. Though I have not even visited this blog in more than two years, it has been in my mind and heart.

The last two years have been insane. I moved four times, once over 4000 miles away, once 1500 miles, the other two barely worth mentioning by comparison. (If you’re moving, call me. I’ll help you pack. I’m an expert.) Just prior to all this, my fiancé left me. More recently, I lost one of my closest friends, a truly wonderful though troubled soul who gave me the gift of introducing me to a number of fantastic people.

Happily, and most importantly, I HAVE BEEN WRITING! Fiction has taken a back seat, because when you’re living this much drama, who needs to write it? I had no internet access most of the time which limited me to writing offline.

I have changed. My writing has changed. Hell, name me one thing that hasn’t changed in the past two years.. but regardless. I still write, every day. I am blogging again. I still help others, and I still believe we can support and encourage each other so we can all be successful writers. I hope you’ll stick with me, because I know the best is yet to come.

I’ve discovered a new obsession – photography. I would like to invite you to visit my new website, Salmon Apple Pie – as a matter of fact, I would be very grateful if you would take a look! I plan for Salmon Apple Pie to become the new, updated, and expanded version of From the Desk of KH. I would like to support my fellow photographers as well as writers.

By the way, KH no longer exists. I have divorced my pseudonym. I have decided that anyone who doesn’t like what I’m writing -or photographing- can fuck off. I am me, and I AM A WRITER AND A PHOTOGRAPHER.

Some day, I hope I will even have my quirky and spastic blogging style back.

As always, thank you for reading my blog.



Giving Thanks

I’m avoiding the insanity of shopping today. Sure, I might miss out on a “good deal” or two, but who cares?

What I will do today is spend some time thinking of all the things I am thankful for this year. And most of all, I am thankful for writing. I’m thankful that I have the ability and the time to spend putting words on paper (or the computer screen). I’m very thankful that with all the options available, my readers choose to read my blog. And I’m thankful to all my fellow writers who write interesting and thoughtful blog entries and books and emails that inspire me every day.

Writing has changed from a pastime for me to a full-time occupation. It would be stretching the truth to say I’m grateful that I hurt my back even if it did put me out of work and give me the time to spend on my writing. But I am grateful for the opportunity to really focus on what I love to do. The past few months have made me realize there are many ways to write that I had never even considered before.

Today, I’m focusing on my gratitude for all of the above in a way I had no time for yesterday, what with cooking a turkey and all.

Thank you to all my readers and followers here on my blog and on Twitter or Google +. I appreciate you every day.