Good Writing Days

Every writer loves Good Writing Days. You get up early and knock out 1500 words on one cup of coffee, but instead of getting up for more coffee, you just keep writing. Nothing distracts you, for on a Good Writing Day you are a creative writing animal (thanks to Athena Shultz for the “creative writing animal” phrase). Nothing distracts you, you’re in the zone, ideas fly at you so fast you actually have trouble keeping up with them. The words flow effortlessly and when you read your work later, you marvel because it’s pretty damn good!

I wish I had more of those days. If I did, I would have NaNoWriMo in the bag already, and it’s only the 22nd.

On Good Writing Days, you proudly declare yourself A Writer, and announce that you will be a writer forever.

You feel so good on Good Writing Days that you fearlessly send your work off to competitions and agents and editors, because why would they NOT want to reward/work with an awesome writer such as yourself? Your inner editor is suspiciously absent, and you can actually get on with work without his idiotic input about your writing process as well as the material you are producing.

On a Good Writing Day, I wrote an entire business plan for my writing (fiction and freelance) and actually started to follow it.

Good Writing Days are good for revisions, too. You look at the rough draft you are about to attack with a machete and flame-thrower and realize, hey, this has some merit. I think I’m going to…and then you’re back at the keyboard, making life worse for your characters.

If I could create a pill that would cause an instant Good Writing Day, I would do it.

On the other hand, if I had too many Good Writing Days, my characters might stop being weirdly psychotic and become bland, generic, and interchangeable, like those of a certain bestselling author whose name I will not mention. I love Good Writing Days, and I would like to have more of them.

Next step? In Monday’s post I’ll take a look at Bad Writing Days and share a few tips on how to make those days better.


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